The Pupils of sixth course have translated some phrases into english, so they learn new vocabulary and grammar.

The following sentences have been realized by Ismael (6ºA).



Yo estuve estudiando francés-  I was studying French.


Ella no estuvo en Alemania- She was not in Germany.


A Ismael le gusta el ordenador- Ismael likes the computer.


Sergio vive en Granada- Sergio lives in Granada.


Rubén es inteligente- Ruben is intelligent. 


Antonio tiene gafas- Antonio has glasses.


Yo fuí a ver a mi abuelo- I went to see my grandfather.


Valentín lleva una camiseta azúl- Valentine wears a blue shirt.


Yomara tiene el pelo muy largo- Yomara has very long hair.


Adrián no estuvo en tu casa- Adrian was not in your house.


Cristina va a ir a la Universidad- Cristina’s going to college.


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¿Y esta publicidad? Puedes eliminarla si quieres